Welcome to your Access Insight Starter environment....

Your server is now ready to go !

Thank you for having installed this Access Insight Starter AMI. Your Business Intelligence server is now ready for connecting to your your data and creating stunning interactives dashboards.

What you have in this free package

Access Insight Starter is the ideal package to start your Business Intelligence project in the Cloud. We are pleased to offer you the following

How to get started

IMPORTANT USERNAME AND PASSWORD INFORMATION: Please click here to learn how to get your username and password.

Your default credentials are the following :

How to get your user names and passwords

Your passwords are automatically generated for your two users : superadmin and designer. Go to your AWS Console and display the system log of your running instance by selecting "Instance Settings" then "Get System Log".

Then, scroll down the system log until you find the generated passwords for superadmin and designer. The log should look like this :

Video tutorial : How to create a connection to a database

Video tutorials : How to create reports, dashboard, filters etc...